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You are already working hard for your money. Isn’t it time you got your money working hard for you?

Saving and investing your money is one of the best ways for you to achieve your financial goals. As an independently regulated firm, Focus Life & Pensions Ltd has access to the majority of savings and investments products in the marketplace. This ensures that we can find an appropriate solution for you, a solution that fits your life stage and your attitude to risk and return. Whether you require 100% capital guaranteed or a higher rate of return with some risk Focus Life & Pensions will source the appropriate financial solution for you.

A key investment maxim is to avoid putting all of your eggs in one basket. The more you spread your investments, the less risky your portfolio becomes. This applies to both the category of investment and also within each investment category. For example, if 40% of your portfolio is in equity, this category should include a good equity mix and should not be concentrated in one or two companies, industries or regions. Focus Life & Pensions will source the most appropriate investment solutions in the marketplace to suit your risk profile and life stage. At Focus Life & Pensions we have the knowledge and expertise to advise you in relation to the risks associated with each asset category. We have access to most funds available in the marketplace and we can talk you through the benefits and risks associated with them.

Budget Calculator

Calculate now what you may need to put away for later.

Children’s Education Fund

Now more than ever, children will need a college education and recognised degree qualification for the best change of securing a bright…

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Rainy day fund

You might have a specific reason for saving or you might just want to build up a rainy day fund so you know you can confidently meet future challenges.

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Other Investments

With deposit rates and returns from the banks so low, many of our clients are looking to achieve better returns on their savings.  One solution is to…

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