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Pension plans

Finding the correct pension in the Irish pension marketplace can be a daunting task with so many variations and schemes it would make your head spin. At Focus Life & Pensions we will take the confusion out of the market. We offer a comprehensive Pension advisory service which clearly explains the pension options available in Ireland. Through our suitability process we find the pension plan that you require for those deserved years of relaxation and retirement.

What to do when moving job

There is a strong need for financial advise at this time so let Focus Life & Pensions advise you on your options when you are moving job. We offer independent imparial advise to ensure your needs are met now and into the future.

Pension Calculator

Calculate now what you may need to put away for later.

Pension Tax Relief Calculator

Calculate now what you may need to put away for later.

Max Funding Calculator

Calculate now what you may need to put away for later.

ARF/Annuity Calculator

Calculate which may suit you best

Company Pensions

These are pensions that you contribute through payroll at work. Contributions are deducted from your pay before tax is applied. Your employer must contribute …

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A simple flexible pension that you can take out, regardless of your employment status. A PRSA is a personal retirement savings account best suited to the self-employed…

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Executive Pension

An Executive Pension is a pension set up by a Limited company for the directors of the company. The pension is set up under a trust, which is often provided free. Both employers and…

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Buy Out Bonds

Also referred to as Personal Retirement Bonds, a Buy Out Bond is an extremely flexible way to take the proceeds of your previous company pension. The advantages of investing in a Buy Out Bond are:

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Retirement Planning

Approved Retirement Funds

An Approved Retirement Fund, commonly referred to as an ARF, is a retirement product which can be purchased from an Insurance Company.

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Approved Minimum Retirement Fund

An Approved Minimum Retirement Fund (AMRF), is a proportion of an individuals pension pot that under certain..

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An annuity is a fixed sum of money paid to an individual over the course of their life, with payments ceasing on death.

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