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You might have a specific reason for saving or you might just want to build up a rainy day fund so you know you can confidently meet future challenges. Whatever your reasons, having a savings fund to fall back on is an excellent resource for anybody to have.You can get started with a regular savings plan from as little as €75 per month and you will be surprised how quickly your fund starts to build up.

It could also be the case that you have a lump sum to invest, possibly from funds already built up, or an inheritance or redundancy payment. We can give you access to deposit funds, but if you want to really give your money the potential to grow, you will need to take on an element of risk and put your money into investment funds. Funds aim to grow your money faster than the interest rates offered by deposits.

You can find funds with steady consistent growth, and funds that offer more potential for higher long-term gains. The higher the potential for growth, the riskier the fund, and your investment could go up or down. But with careful management, you can build a portfolio of funds geared towards your goals.Our investment process provides us with a structure to successfully set up your portfolio in accordance with your needs and in line with our investment philosophy. We will do our best to help you protect and grow your assets.

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